Here it is people!

The best games of all times for DOS. The names should speak for themselves, maybe you know them. Maybe you tried them at a friends place. Or at school. Maybe they were too fast to run on your pc under dos so yo had to upgrade your pc. Or maybe you didn't have enough floppy drives to support all the many disks of these great games?!

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Requirement, a 486dx or above with newest version of dos preferably,
version 6.22 is newest as of current.

At least 4 megs of ram.

Lets fire up that DOS pc shall we?

If your pc is fast enough, then you may play this killer coming up now for review... it is not for anybody... you may get the nightmares

you may have to lend a faster pc, since it requires a pretty fast 486dx with lots of mem..

it is the newest killer splatter game, fps.... it is of course Doom series.

8mb ram is minimum for this game... or you won't get past the introscreen.

Click here for Pure... DOOM!

Officially DOOMED by Microsoft (tm) Windows 98

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