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Quake 2 - The Online Installer (Download Here Today , At ClanWorld!)

At this page you can Download and Play Quake II game from idsoftware online fully and for free via the online playable demo. Originally released in December 1997, Quake 2 is a fast paced gore filled fps action game that takes you on a plot through our solar system with the hostile cybernetic race, the Stroggs. Launched by ID-Software in the period 1995-2000 of epoke online gaming and thus totally redefined the online gaming scene, quake 2 still lives on. This is a game you simply must have in your collection if you are a die-hard fps player or nostalgic games collector. You will not get tired of this one. The mods of Quake II makes it very customizeable as a game. Or how about its custom skins, great weapon arsenal and rocket jumps, bfg?. Yes, that's right, BFG... it is the successor to the classical DOOM game, and as such it has inherited many classic doom weapons.


....waiting for dialup tone!

Package features the Trial version of Quake II + Pointrelease 3.20

Have you got what it takes?

oo Notice for Windows7 and Above users...

You may have to go to Tastyspleen[.com] to get Their Installer. THis installer only works for windows up to xp. It seems not to support flatscreens.

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Additional files: Pointrelease 3.20 for quake 2 can be found here

Can't access the download link to online installer ? - then chose direct download, or go here for our Quake II files archive: click here

Quake 2 for Microsoft Windows 98 / 2000 / XP and 7. If you run anything older than Windows XP, i.e. Windows 98 you have to use original quake2 exe in the zipfile. Linux users can use the zip file too, linux binaries are included.

In love and support of our all's favorite game company, ID-Software: Buy the Quake II Cd here

Feel free to share with your friends :-)

The Readme is included, and can be viewed here too: readme.txt

Supplied by the package .zip:

For Mac and Linux users

Note: if you are a Linux or Mac OS/x user, you will have to download a quake 2 point release too with the .zip file
Look here: Quake 2 Pointrelease. If you got widescreen you can use the quake 2 widescreen pointrelease/patch here:
Widescreen Patch

Gamespy Quake 2 Server Browser..


A fix must be applied to use gamespy.. get the fix here...

Linux users can use the terminal server browser instead:

Quake II Server Browser for Linux   |   [ Screenshot ]

News July 2014: zquake2 3.26 released
Get a better quake 2 client here (zquake2), newest version can be found here , better than the original quake2.exe, cleanup of menus/console, http download support, config.cfg save support, prettier quake 2 icon (transparent, not pixellated)
How quake2 3.21 should have been!.
Better than aprq2,q2pro,r1q2 too - keep original functionality!

Zquake2 is stable per 3.25 release and in active development, remember to check back once a month or so for new releases
With zquake2 less is more, it is named quake2.exe and works exactly like the original, just better! - stuff that isn't needed has been removed.

FAQ: What's the difference between the online installer, and the full version of Quake 2 ?

Nothing except single player, there is no single player in the trial version of quake ii. The online installer only has online play. Also a few minor things, there are a few missing player sounds. Else everything gets downloaded from the server. If you want to play quake 2 in single player mode, you should buy quake 2 on the original cd medium. As the successor to DOOM, it is the first game we recommend installing on any new pc.

Q: What is the newest version of Quake 2?

Newest version is Quake II version 3.14 + 3.20 point release applied, it can be found here, click here. They are both included if you download the package / online installer on this page. It is recommended you use zquake2 3.26 or newer though - it is like legacy quake2 3.20 just bugfixes and simplier layout, http download etc. So faster and usually more stable. To download the newest zquake2 client go here: zquake2 main page. If you are looking for newest quake 2 point release without downloading our full installer, then take a look in our archives: Quake II Files - Clanworld Collection

Quake 2 online

Quake 2 player

Quake 2 files and utilities - MSDOS programs

Quake 2 programs and utilities for online play

zquake2 3.26 - the best quake 2 client you will ever find! (http download, config.cfg save support, console cleanup)
qsb quake 2 server browser - a good quake 2 server browser, no fuzz
quake 2 files - skins, tools, point releases, mirc etc. - huge pack of all the skins supported on
 q2master browser - master server browser in plaintext, no fuzz!

Quake 2 Screenshot 911 Quake 2 Screenshot 912

Quake 2 is registered trademark of ID-Software, only legal gamedata is included in this zip-file. You can optionally copy your own full game pak0.pak to baseq2/ after installing, to gain single player ability.

The best online game to play with your friends! - The Legacy of Quake 2 lives on.

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Guides for Quake 2

Quake 2 online - Playing Quake 2 over the net..
Are you installing Quake 2 over TCP/IP over over Modem. Then try out this Guide on how to play on the net. It preferably requires a 56k connection to play Quake 2 online. But less can do if you are lucky or close to the server. It may become an expensive addiction though to dial up to!

Quake 2 is the favorite FPS game among the pro quakers, and has been for a while. There is simply no game like it that requires as much skill to play and play well. If you want to practice your FPS killing skills, you should be installing quake 2 and playing it online.

Dark quake dungeons. Unique Quake maps, fast strafe jumping and rocket jumping all make the quake experience totally unique and a hard to find game, as well as hard to play game that requires skills. The customizeability of quake is not seen elsewhere in the gaming industry and is what makes quake something special. From custom maps, decals, textures, clan skins and more!.

Let's not forget that quake was what started the whole quakenet thing. An online Irc network where people from all over the world dial up to and make clanrooms and clanwars late in the evening.


Bug reports
Found a bug in the online installer ?: Report it here

Free Windows 98, Win 9x, Win 2000 Games Download — Quake 2

Quake 2 - Windows 98 Games

This page is optimized for Microsoft Windows 98 with Firefox 3.5.6 (2009 version). Tested to work in all major browsers, old as new. Bookmark it if you run an old windows, as it has all the old patches for quake 2 and latest pointreleases. Windows 2000, XP, ME, 98 patches for Online play. Newest DirectX etc.

The serverinfo pages need a jquery javascript enabled browser and will thus not work in every browser, but the masterserver page alternative will - so if 'servers' page does not work for you, try out the master servers page which is plaintext server browser.

See more files in our Quake 2 Files Archive: click here

While you're here we suggest you read the readme file .txt included in the quake 2 online installer .zip file, and also to check out this link, it may have all the programs you like in just the right versions... winamp, mirc, icq, msn messenger and more!


- A Windows 98 Classical Page - Old School Will Never Die