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We got all the old DOOM games, Quake etc. As well as stuff like 
Hardware, Watercooling, computer news, cult movies review. 1990s
music, classic 90s movies and more. Or what about that ftp server?
You remember them? 10mbit?

Of course we cannot promise you that , at all. You will have to

This is only our experiment

You will definitely like if you like Quake 2 and DOOM, Heretic,
Hexen etc. - Or what about classic games like Worms Armageddon,
Red Alert (Command & Conquer), here at clanworld we review timeless
classic games, stay tuned!

Check out all our interesting news below, there are also review of
the best os'es through time - OS'es like Windows 2000, 98, 95, 3.11,
as well as Amiga MorphOS 4, Amiga OS etc. Old os'es ruled huh?

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Furthermore there will also be articles like Watercooling,
Overclocking with watercooling and much much more!

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Whether you like Internet security and Freedom - Hacking,
Overclocking or just Quake, 
Clanworld is a good place to be.