Clanworld's Hardware Test : The V7700 Asus GF 2 Ti200

Boasting with Deluxe features, An impressive 166Mhz on the core, and Excellent Overclocking Abilities... Welcome to the new Asus V7700 Geforce 256 - The best drivers in the graphics world asus are known for. But are they still, Expectations were big for this renowned brand of Asus, this one gotta be good.... We're here asking... Just What Card Is Best To Buy These Days?

With GeForce 3 from Nvidia just hitting the market soon, and with many geforce 2's being popular by now, the expectations for a geforce 2 mid range card are not the biggest, but read on and you will be surprised by this card in many ways. It is no usual card. Should people be changing to the newer geforce 3, or is there still plenty race horsepower in a geforce 2 ti200? We'll try to uncover that in a moment where we take a look at geforce 2 vs geforce 3 benchmark speeds.
Here well take a look on the current market leader, the geforce 2. Is it so much better than geforce256, or voodoo , or even radeon cards, at the current cost of almost $400 ? Is the geforce2mx anything worth? Nope. Thats why we wont cover it here we found it to be much too slow for our linking in the other article Here we'll review only the deluxe card from asus as its the best we think, it comes with many in and outputs And a no mess bios too, doesn't look bad at boot Asus v7700 ti 200 deluxe card 32mb memory, sdram This card comes both in a 32M and 64MB version, we found no visible of speed difference in any of the games with the 64M version, so we recommend to buy the much cheaper 32MB version. You will only gain from the extra ram in newer games coming out. Asus ti200 back of card Here you can see the full card in Deluxe version from Asus

Asus GeForce 2 Ti200 Deluxe V7700 32MB SDR

A blazing fast card by today's standards where many still are using voodoo. This card can run your 3d games in hi res. And not just that, record video too via input/output on the back of the card if you got a camcorder. This can be very useful. You can also hook up mostly any camera there, for transfer to pc or to camcorder. Or how about hooking up your VHS video, and getting that movies onto your pc? how cool is it not? SVHS input and composite too! The card features: - 32MB SDR ram, SD-RAM, single data line - 350MHz GPU core - DirectX 7 support Fully packed out.. Unpacked... notice the many inputs and outputs svhs composite vga etc.. 3d glasses are also an option and very cool. They add a whole new dimension to some special games or movies. And they turn the game into a 3d- projection where you are "In The Game". Very cool. An accessory most may never use, but still interesting and cool extra accessory by asus. You don't get it with other card models.

Drivers for Asus V7700

Lets take a look at the drivers before we game test the card... they are especially good and come with built in overclocking possibilities, and is why you should invest in this asus card above them all, all competitor brands Drivers are supported by MS Win95, 98, ME, what more could one want? No bugs in drivers encountered, and the overclocking capabilities we found neat. No other drivers supply that built in. But asus do. It lets you both overclock memory and core of the card.. DirectX 7 supported by this card. (and above)

Some gaming with it all..

Here's Unreal, a fan game of many... It plays that well in highest resolution. As will quake 2 run in a pretty high res of 1024, on full textures. No problems. It is a very fast card. Above 1024 it starts to show some signs of slowdown on big maps in both games. But it will also depend on your processor speed. You need a very fast processor for i.e. 2048 resolution in quake 2.. Unreal's a real classic to most, and an excellent fps game for online play The quake II demo 3.16 from Idsoftware per january 1998, from their Ftp Results of game benchmark (1024x768/Max Textures/32bpp)? Quake II demo, 89fps in timedemo Unreal 1998 game, 115fps Very good results compared to most other cards on the market A medium performer by default. But we think it packs much more punch when overclocked!! Stay tuned below... Here is a ti200 with blue orb on so you can see difference.... It is recommended to buy this cooler for your neat ti200, it will keep it both cooler and quieter, and overclock better too. It retails at $17. Thermaltake Blue Orb, they also sell Golden orbs for S370 (Socket 370 cpus). Well priced low noise coolers, and excellent overclocking coolers. It also looks like it will last much longer than the default fan! You just don't want the fan to fail. May destroy the card. Worth the investment to be assured you got a good fan? Blue orb. Now just to fit it in that cabinet of yours if you got space!:) There are many competitors to a GF3 card these days and with the big competition from ati it is hard to chose the radeon 9700 cards are dirt cheap, especially used these days is it reall worth it buying a TI200 or TI500? when you can just overclock your GeForce2 Ti200 to stock Geforce3 speeds? Well most overclockers and I will tell you , NO. Dont buy newer Stick with what works Geforce 2 , it will easily run native geforce 3 speeds with a new cooler And you get a new pretty cooler for only $17 It will give beauty to the case and you will get cooler temps Stability is not an issue if you get a good geforce 2 card. 15% speed increase is possible easily The GF 3 series are also rumored to be good overclockers, we will see. But for now I love the performance of the geforce 2. It really runs all games smoothly. Very fast card. Changing the cooler makes it even better, noiseless. The blue orb has only slight noise. It is not the best for noiseless, there watercooling is better, but it is best for price and performance you can find likely. Some overclokers chose to add a 120mm fan also below the graphics card to overclock, and vcore and vdimm mod the card for higher vcore. This way up to 30 or even 50% speed increase is possible. Overclocking is always a problem of how hot the card gets. With watercooling 50% speed increase on geforce card is not impossible. You can see how I add watercooling here to a geforce card... [old image removed] Another golden orb picture... very good coler for geforce 2...


Geforce 2 early specifications Asus V7700 Geforce 2 Ti200 •32Megs of Memory •350MHz core Geforce 2 Ti 200 •150MHz Memory Sdr-ram The NVIDIA Geforce 2 GPU Other graphics cards reviewed 3dfx vodoo magic 3d plus (1996) Voodoo 3dfx video The voodoo cards really gives amazing bang for the bucks, and introduces higher quality textures in your most favorite games. A must try. It also gives 60 fps in many popular games of today, of which one is quake 2. Games tested with. Unreal performance Quake 2 performance and fps Need for Speed Hot pursuit Now just get on with the overclocking and watercooling people Or liquid nitrogen, if you prefer


This is a very good card for the price and overperforms even much more expensive cards. You basically get a geforce 3 for a fraction of the cost here! A highly recommended buy, if you overclock it. Even at stock speeds it is a very fast card. It will run many 3d games totally fluently. It's sdram can prove to be a problem for fastpaced 3d games in high resolutions, but we haven't had any problems so far in most games yet. In future games you may have problems, as the memory bandwidth is quite limited of those ram blocks. Sdram is an older technology. DDR ram is on all the newer cards. SDRAM can only go so far. But ddr ram prove more overclockable too. Yet performance will not be an issue in most games with this card, it is blazing fast, and especially for the price. A good buy. It is also noiseless, a big plus. Asus did a good cooler on this card. It keeps it low temp most of the time. We have heard rumor that some cards overheat sometiems though, but not experienced that in our tests. The drivers are the best out there. And is one reason you should buy this card. Asus makes the best drivers of any brand. It is simply bliss to install on windows 98 or newer. Overclocking this card is a medium performer, we have seen better, yet it still manages to pull quite a bit overclocking on the core, at least 20mhz and also 50mhz on the memory, quite a bit compared to many cards. It is a medium performer here. It will overclock to stock GF3 speeds if you are lucky and get as good a toptuner as we did. Remember cards vary in production, not all cards will be this good to overclock. Some may even be better! The only downside of this card?: The fan design. The fan looks cheap and cheap quality. It may fail. And then the card may burn if you are not careful. A failing fan can possibly cause the whole card to destroy itself. The gpu will overheat then. The fan looks like the cheapest fan they could just find, to save a few bucks. We have heard rumors of the fan failing or now being able to cool the card down. So take care there. Remember to run the temp monitor card. It seems more than just rumors. You don't want your new shiny GF 2 Ti200 to burn. Now we talk about raising temps, we managed to tune this card up 20Mhz on the core and 50mhz on the memory. Which made it quite a bit hotter. It almost overheated in one game. Make sure that fan keeps running. The fan design is the only downside on this card, next to the sdram. Sd ram will prove to be a bottleneck both in games and overclocking in the near uture. It is pretty slow. And an old technology. And you may want to opt for another card, if you want your card to last, we're not sure that fan will keep working. If you are one of those gamers changing card every few years, get the v7700 gf 2 ti 200. There are many good alternatives to Ti200... Radeon 9700 pro Radeon 9800 pro (but bad drivers at times) Geforce 3 Ti200 (better fan but not much better unless you get a Blue orb version as displayed in pic above in article!. Very good fan.)


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