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Common files...:
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• ../games/idstuff/quake2/pointrelease/q2-3.20-x86.exe - latest pointrelease for quake ii
• ../games/idstuff/quake2/gamespy/gamespyinstaller210std.exe - gamespy installer
• ../games/idstuff/quake2/qsb.exe - server browser for q2

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Misc Quake tools and programs

ICQ Download ICQ Download for Windows 98

GameSpy 3D Gamespy for Quake 2

mIRC 6.14 mIRC for Windows 98 and 2000 | Quakenet and Quake 2 Msn Messenger

See more applications for windows here:
windows tools

Sisoft sandra. cpu-z. icq, mirc. msn messenger etc.
Many useful programs for win9x and 2000.

ICQ is a chat program with many unique features that you find in no other chat program, such as minimalism and a nice design. And no spam. You are required to enter your phone number and verify by sms to sign up.

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Gamespy serverbrowser

It can be hard to find a working masterserver in Quake ii. Here is how to make Gamespy find servers using the Clanworld official masterserver.

The serverlist (specifically port 4445) contains only good servers of today. Spam servers are filtered off. A server list ready to play.

This ultimate serverlist should fit almost anyone as it is compiled of only the most popular mods for quake 2. But if it doesn't fit you, you can use the Clanworld alternate master on port 4444 instead.

Here's an overview of Mod types in our default masterserver:

- Baseq2
- Battleground
- Lithium
- Ospl2

The masterservers to add to Gamespy: ClanWorld master1 ClanWorld master2 ClanWorld PubMaster

There are some HTTP serverlists you can add to Gamespy as http lists, too:
Serverlist 1
Serverlist 2

Clanworld master on port 4445 looks like this:
$ quakestat -q2m
ADDRESS           PLAYERS      MAP    NAME
Q2M 8 servers   
Q2S     9/32  0/0     q2dm2     ospl2 - Deathmatch
Q2S     0/20  0/0     q2dm1   opentdm
Q2S    11/20  0/0     q2dm2   openffa - Deathmatch
Q2S     1/12  0/0     q2dm1   opentdm - Teamplay
Q2S       1/20  0/0     q2dm1   opentdm :: OpenTDM :: UK
Q2S     0/14  0/0     q2dm1   opentdm PLANETQUAKE.PL GTS OPENTDM 
Q2S    7/17  0/0     q2dm6 
Q2S    1/32  0/0   ztn2dm2 

It consists only of the top quake 2 servers of today
Hand-picked over the years by our team at clanworld. They are stable, and have lots of regular players.

** ** Gamespy can still be used in trial version just fine.. Has full functionality that you need. But else you may need to reg it.

The Essential Game List

This is my favorite list of games for your all's game collection

Quake II
Tomb Raider 1
Command & Conquer - Red Alert

Remember these great games ?:)

If you are a quake player, then add me on ICQ , I play
Quake 2 very actively still in 2016 :) , my icq is 702705318

-3x Di3h4rd

Join the Quake Dungeon today!!

Our server is but you can always find the newest ip in 'servers' page, or the masterserver page.

HPWs welcome, we need fragbait


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