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Yellow Swab Quake Stuff Quake II - The proboards quake 2 frag boards, map community. USA people and europeans mostly it seems. A cool web place and deathmatch community. Has many Quake 2 servers in the USA. Servers are active 24/7, and located in the US. FFA Servers and plenty of them!!

Good times, in The Fragpipe!

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DO the disco swab: See me dancing? - I can dance all day.Just give me railgun.

LINK: Watercooling (H2O Cooling etc.)...

Various collection of Watercooling pics

Do you even liftbro?

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*More will come here.....!! not done yet**

zorks and butchers..

This is for you.

New to playing online? - and not even on the zone yet?? (don't worry, zone is taken down long ago)

Here are some other useful Quake 2 links:
DeathAdder477 Skin Guide: Customize Player Skin In Quake II
(*Shed your skin like a Snake OR be James Bond. sooo cool*)

A Simple Online Guide to Quake 2 v3.20 (*"One Page Only" | Starters & Beginners*)

Other links
Quake II - Tokais Towers and fav. weapon of many: Red Hook Lance!
click here

If win/95, quakenet and dark quake dungeons ,
bfg and raid for the quad tells you something...

Old But Good
This gotta be one of my favorite Win 9x Application Websites: it is named. Hardheadzz and all oldtimers in general. click here.

Abandonware for Windows 2000 [stuff]
click here
This page has everything of files (ISO) for the older windows.
It doesn't come on ftp, but it is almost as "good".
It for sure brings many rememrances of direct connect and gullisworld /gamecopyworld :-O))


Run thy own ftp today, yaeah

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