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Quake II master server

Clanworld hosts its own public quake 2 masterserver which allows people all over the world, to register their quakeserver online. It also lets quake 2 players scan all servers worldwide via Gamespy (using our masterserver)..

To use our server please respect general Netiquette. This applies to our quake server, masterserver, webserver etc. Any abuse of our services will be reported.

All people are very welcome to use any of our services for free, no fees to pay, as long as they follow good net rules standards. No spamming/abuse etc.

To use our masterserver, simply type in your server config:

You can also query it live in any web browser:

List of working masterservers..

Here's a working list of the latest fully working masterservers as of February, 2017. They can all be used with your dedicated quake 2 server.:




Set up your own master server if you are a server admin, keep quake 2 going strong!

Of course make it PUBLIC, such thing shouldn't be necessary to mention, but apparently it is..

Setting up a Quake 2 Master server.. and quakeworld master too

If you set up your own masterserver, you will need , 1) a stable Line. T1-connection or better preferred but at least 2mbit synchronous line is recommended, 2) a stable server, 3) plans to continue to host for more than a few years.

It will be most easy for you to host a masterserver on linux, as the code is made in C. But not impossible on windows either.

In case you host one, please send us your master ip when you host a masterserver. We would love to add it to our official list.

The bandwidth required is within 10-300kbit/s, but can go as high as 2Mbit/s for some masterservers.

Our masterserver also has support for several other games, which you can use it for...:
- Heretic
- Quake (

The games will be listed here, as they are added and up running. So far it is mostly Q2 and QW master server. The masterserver code allows for support for many FPS games. It is called Lasange. Modules can be written and support for over 20 games is possible, it is as simple as loading that game's .so file/module, and now it supports that game port too. Doom, Heretic, Quake, is all possible to host for , all in one masterserver, and thereby support the whole online awesome gaming community of the coolest fps games in existance. Halflife too.

See more:
Quake master FAQ

Free hosting!
Get your gamesite hosted at Clanworld and get lots of benefits! Send us a mail at the address below and hear more... Contact Clanworld.

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