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Sho me the money :)

We are a place for quakers where they can connect & chat online: Share ideas/files, join games with each other, download newest quake stuff and skins and so on.

There is a little small forum where you can write with other quakers. In daily time we reside also in our channel on Quakenet (See more here below..:)

On the boards you will find people who play mods in quake 2 such as Battleground, Lithium as well as other popular mods in this great game.

There is only one major rules, no cheating. People found cheating will be banned into playing minesweeper for eternity =) =)

If you got Irc, then come join us on Quakenet, just type /join #lithium. Please be patient we're not online all time, but usually if you wait someone will join that you can play against. Lithium players mostly reside in there, as well as Battleground, but some of us play good old games like DOOM too.
Some other good channels to checkout are also #euroq2l #3x etc., if you are into quake 2 seriously. :)

When was ClanWorld launched?

Clanworld website got spawned in 2014 (from lots of strogg blood!) after a few active quakers from #xproject and me decided there were too few quake portals, as there were few active sites at that point in time, most people had moved onto newer quakes. :)

Before that, still existed, as far back as 2007-2008 where it had run continously. We were running a kots-King of The Hill server - a friendly hosted server for kots2007 players, as well as official Euroq2l on QuakeNet battleground server where all the best battleground players from around the world, and mainly Europe, duel weekly and make clanwars.

The #euroq2l server is still running as of 2016. it is named as of recently. You can find it on serverlist.

Our main pride is of course our Quake 2 Lithium server: , with Hook Sky, Runes Enabled and Highscores!

Join today and make a score,... if you got what it takes..

Top features of ClanWorld?

- register your clan
- regiter your nick
- write with other quakers on our tagwall

Simply the good place to be if you are a cool quaker.

Quakers from all over the world

Furthermore ClanWorld has lots of classic games reviews, anything like doom,
Heretic, hexen, and even Amiga 1200 and the like!

Any geek will likely feel at home :)

Enjoy people. Bring your geekiness (show us what u gotz!)a and own fellow geeks, if you got what it takes!

Dial in and join us!

If you have Quake 2 installed then borrow your moms Modem and Dial up + join our monthly Deathmatch TOURNAMENT (yeah!) at the server, the last Saturday in month. You can find the details for server and time by googling this!

Type /connect in console

HPWs and LPBs welcome!

User submitted questions:

Q: Will you enable BFG on server?

There is no bfg weapon or invul on our server at this moment. Maybe later it will get added, but uncertain when for now. It gives the newbies an advantage.

Its for noobs who can own no other way.

Q: How do I use the Red lance, spy thing, Red shooting laser????

This is the question we get most!! :)

In Lithium a red hook has been introduced as a playing feature, it allows you to swing around and up in the air like James Bond. But it is a feature that few people know. Did you know this? few people know how to use the hook.. OKOK we'll get to the point .. :)

The one thing that is special about Lithium is its red grappling hook....
You can bind it in console to a button. Type:
bind shift +hook :)

Now you can hook around, fly around and more.

Even hook dead bodies to gain health!

(Only if you got vampire rune..)

Told ya this game goes deep!;D

Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility!! :)

Q: I encountered a bug on the server, how do I report it or fix it?
If the bug is freezing randomly in-game and only every 3-4 games or so, for maybe 5-15 seconds, then it is the known freeze bug, unfortunately that is unfixeable for the nearforseeable future.

There is one more bug, random crashes very rarely on server the server will crash. Also we restart server regularly.

Q: Somebody is cheating, how do I report them to an admin?
Our servers have the newest cheat protections, both against zbot and more bots, as well as speedbot. If you still encounter a cheater, please write on our forum and an admin will quickly sort it out for you!

It is highly unlikely that people cheat on the servers, due to good bot protection.

Beware that some people just are so good it looks like a bot. These are pro players. Try observing them.

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