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Quake II Servers

So people, these are only the best servers from around the world. Filtered and updated regularly, to bring you only the best!
IP Address Server Name - Deathmatch - Teamplay Planet Vegeta ROCKETS 4 LIFE Clanworld's Lithium-DM #1 :: GTV/MVD (UK) [EoM] FFA DM Server SKY@NET SEATTLE-T3-HOOD-Q2-LITHIUM BTF Rockets-N-Rails Q2.TheAbyss.Ru - FFA Q2.TheAbyss.Ru - Duel Q2.TheAbyss.Ru - Match Q2.TheAbyss.Ru - Match Duel - OpenTDM =GTV= DeathMatch :: OpenTDM :: Australia :: OpenTDM :: New Jersey :: OpenTDM :: South Africa :: OpenTDM :: Germany #3 :: OpenTDM :: France :: OpenTDM :: Denver :: OpenTDM :: Montreal (eh) OPENTDM :: OpenTDM :: Netherlands #3 :: OpenTDM :: Japan spx| LithiumII #kensentme InstaDM :: OpenTDM :: UK - OpenTDM =GTV= :: OpenTDM :: Netherlands #2 :: OpenTDM :: Washington DC :: OpenTDM :: Germany spx| Railonly :: OpenTDM :: Netherlands :: OpenTDM :: Atlanta :: OpenTDM :: Seattle :: OpenTDM :: Spain :: OpenTDM :: Los Angeles Quake 2 - Blagoveschensk [FFA] Quake 2 - Blagoveschensk [1v1] Quake 2 - Blagoveschensk Depths of Hell [custom maps dm] (q2dm8) (dm1-dm8 only) q2dm tastyspleen::Lithium II :: lithium dm server tastyspleen::Lithium II CTF IRTDM - Instagib TDM Smack's Barbecue :: rail server [+30] Tyrs Arena 1 (priv battle) BTF Gaming Society TDM IRTDM2 - TDM RAILZ .:: Maksnet Machine ::. .german q2 opentdm #3 .german q2 deathmatch .german q2 opentdm #1 .german q2 opentdm #2 ProppFrag OpenTDM 2 - OpenTDM - NL Amsterdam ProppFrag OpenTDM 1 Grish Q2 :: OpenTDM :: Australia #1 - OpenTDM - NL Alblasserdam - OpenTDM - SE Stockholm Balticum-Tv Teamplay Public COOLNET DM Balticum-TV TeamPlay Server (-a -h -pu) [+30] Tyrs Arena 3 (Public OpenTDM) Luschen Quakematch [+30] Tyrs Arena 2 (Public FFA) ConCarne's Hot-Chilli Q2 Railonly - 1v1 - 1v1

Select/copy a server ip to connect.
These are the latest global and worldwide serverlists for quake ii as of 2017.

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To add your server to the list, use +setmaster

This list is the full worldwide serverlist of quake II servers. Scanned regularly.

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How can I submit my server to Clanworld serverlist?

It is not necessary to submit/send it to us. You simply just add +setmaster to your server config.

It will then register at our masterserver automatically.

When is the serverlist updated with quake 2 servers?

The serverlist is updated daily. This however is the latest static list.
Go to materserver page to view the live updated list, click link on this page.
This page contains a big list of the best quake 2 servers available today (as of 2016) globally.

Can I run my own quake 2 server?

You bet. But it would be better to play on one of those that are active.
To keep the community active.
The scene doesn't really need more quake 2 servers, it has plenty.
You can run one if you are on lan though.
If you want to volunteer to host the clanworld quake II server, we would like to hear from you, if you got good hosting connections.
We are always on the look for a free hosting provider for our gameserver.
The requirements to host a Quake II server are minimum.
But that doesn't justify hosting one, or 200 of them.
You should only host one for an active community.
Clanworld has a somewhat active community, and we are growing.
Like Tastyspleen,, we are pretty active at our server.
So the answer is you should avoid filling the masterserver with yet another empty server, but instead support the community by registering at Clanworld, Tastypleen,
Support what is. Be serious about your gameplay.
Keep the scene alive and going like the rest of us.

In case you are on lan and want to host a lan server with your friends, go on with:
Quake2.exe +set dedicated 1 +hostname "Indigos Quakefragplace" +map q2dm5

Type this in explorer bar in your quake 2 folder, or make an autoexec.bat file that can launch this script.

What are the requirements to host a quake server?
You will need:
- server with 64MB of memory
- server with T1 connection preferably
- linux is optimal, more hosting for the bucks
- quake 2 version 3.20 (latest pointrelease)

But you can just as well host a 1on1 server on your 56k connection, against your friend, this assumes though that you don't have firewall on your modem connection, which many of them force on you. If you can open a port in your router, you will need to open port 27910, udp.

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Quake 2 Free Hosting :

Apply for your own Free Hosting!
Get your gamesite hosted at Clanworld and get lots of benefits! Send us a mail at the address below and hear more... We give out 20MB of diskspace and email aliases, as well as ftp access to any relevant quake pages Contact Clanworld.

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