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From the days of the nullmodem cable and 56k voice faxmodem with dialup tone, and as the successor to DOOM.
Behold. QUAKE by Idsoftware. Year is 1996 and we are in dark quake dungeons

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Quake 2 community in Europe - Clanworld Image 20 Quake 2 community in Europe - Clanworld Image 70
feeding nails to hungry dogs.Quake 2 community in Europe - Clanworld Image 30 Quake 2 community in Europe - Clanworld Image 80
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More Quake screenshots - The Ultimate, and High Res. Textures. Darkplaces texture pack for Quake ! . A Must try?. Certainly Hi Qual. Requires 256MB graphics card the big packs.

Quake II(2) has begun!

Quake II has been suited as the possibly best online first person shooter (fps)-game of its time and era, and definitely our personal favorite. Most people will love this game. It is easy to start playing and the maps are something special, id software has spent a great deal of time on them and the animations too, which Carmack and his team are famous for. Putting in so much effort into this game it even spawned Unreal in 1998. Quake series of games is The successor to Doom (for the die hard gamers and shooter fps games elites/addicts/pros out there, you know doom), it still has the BFG10k and now it even has quad damage, best online game of all time! This game simply needs no introduction. A successful successor to Quake I for sure, it gets played at all the top competions like Quakecon, Euroq2l, Danish quake league, and more. Maps from The Fragpipe to The WareHouse , q2dm8 , makes this game something special. Very original maps with unique speed jumps and animations unique in its class of game. What makes Quake II even more unique is it comes with great serverbrowsers and better netcode to allow online play fully and seemlessly.

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The Best Steam Game - Quake 2 2016 17 18 19 20 21 22 | Download it here

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