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´  Quake II is a game by idsoftware, a fast paced fps game, that is very popular since 1998.
´  It consists of maps that the users play against each other, in fast paced quake dungeon environments.
´  Many weapons exist to torture your opponent to the maximum, and I will bring a listing here

[The ingame weapons...]
Rl....... rocket launcher inflicts damage by splash damage, shoot into the ground or ceilings, walls to hit the enemy, or even a Direct Aim!. This one is intense, be careful not hitting yourself at same time. Not a good weap for close combat.
Rg... railgun is a high tech weapon from the future by the stroggs, it uses slugs and they are hard to find on most maps. If you got it you can slay 2 yes even 3 enemies in one hit, it simply goe through each enemy. This is a instant speed weapon. One slug takes them all down. Electrical railgun. Impulse weapon.
Cg.......... chaingun is an obvious favorite of many due to its ability to take down many people at once, in small rooms. It quickly uses magazines of bullets. A very effective weapon in close combat but not very good at a distance.
Bfg10k.. a leftover for doom that had no place in quake due to its powerful effects. Yet this one can smash all enemies in a whole room, at once. There is no fleeing from it. It is everywhere and nowhere. The big f*cking gun, sends cell disruption rays in all direction rays. You can only hope to run from it.
Blaster..... this one has no shortage due to it being such a sucky weapon, noone wnats it, and you cannot drop it. It is the default weapon in q2. It inflicts only +5 damage each shot or so. You'd be lucky to get akill. Yet you can own the opponent and humble them down by pwning them with this one if you got skill!
Grenades....... a very leet weapon if used right that can both kill several at once or kill enemies with +100hp  if done right. A good aimer is required to get a kill with grenades. A fun weap if you're pro. Else stay away from it.
Hb....... hyperblaster is a futuristic weapon of mass destruction that uses cells, it has been overclocked to be able to run all the time, in past revisions it could only fire for a few seocnds. But the one in q2 has no limit. It is watercooled and all. An excellent small room weapon, and also good at distance sometimes. A midrange weapon, but in small rooms it really excels with much damage. Good to fire with into big crowds of opponentsQ!
Gl.. grenade launcher is the weap you only take when you cannot get the rocket launcher, it is not very good except for close combat. You will get no kills at a distance with this one. Unless very lucky. It can be good for humiliation kills, however. It also works sometimes for killing more than one enemy at a time, if you can shoot into a bunch of people.

|       |
 \ | | /
   | |


|       |
 \ | | /
   | |


[The several classes of players]
Male , bald male skin in military outfit. Grunt skin.
Female , female in mili clothing, athena and brianna.
Vyborg , a cyborg race of half human half machine. Makes grunting computersounds when hit.

They are all equally good, health wise ingame.

But they have advantages, cyborg conceals better some maps

And female is very hard to hit.

Male grunt hides well on some maps too.
They each say different sounds when you jump or are hit. So chose the one you think gets you fragged least.

You Can Also Make Your Own Player Skin
Search net for a skin guide for Quake II

Quake II has many unique and well thought out maps.
Not just any maps. Quake maps baby!

q2dm1 - The Edge
q2dm2 - Tokay´s Towers
q2dm3 - The Frag Pipe
q2dm4 - Lost Hallways
q2dm5 - The Pits
q2dm6 - Lava Tomb
q2dm7 - The Slimy Place
q2dm8 - WareHouse

Custom maps exist too. But for now it is these 8 we will concentrate on.
Evey newbie should know these. Or you will become fragbait!!

You can start one by typing 'map q2dm1' in your console (press onehalf key) or altgr+^

The names of the maps say what they are.

A favorite of many is The Edge, where learning the speedjumps can prove life critical.
Also the Frag Pipe is popular, yet you risk becoming lava food if you don't run
carefully there. Know the maps.

As with anything, the more you practice, the better you become!

[Finding servers]
Be not afraid; there are servers online 247, day and night.
So finding a server to play on shouldn't be a problem.
The quake games are very popular these days.

Newbies and pros out there to frag.

Most popular serverlists of today:


|       |
 \ | | /
   | |

Frag Dungeons

[Quake II has more...]
Bunny jumping.... speed jumping. You gotta observe a pro player to see what it is about
It takes a bit learning to do. But do it right and you can gain special items on the map. As well as better frag your opponent.
A person jumping is harder to it. Or crouching.

Don't just jump all the time, that may make it too easy to frag you.

HappY FraGGing ~~

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