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19:37 - 4/01
Were looking for webmasters; anyone good at writing guides?. . Not easy for me to write guides that can be readable.. . Some are very good at writing quake guides, maybe that is you?. . Let me hear from you, contact admin email below... we neeed quake 2 guides

10:16 - 1/01
Https:// . Kai Tracid. . this might be good gaming some q2 to people

2:50 - 31/12/17
So I want to this techno rave peoplez. . and all i could think about was this. . but now im not sure if the techno rave was in my own mind only. . trippy kiittyys all over. . :MAGICMUSHROOMS

19:17 - 28/12/17
95% of politicians support war and death,killings of innocents.. . They go to war and kill innocent women and children.. . . Noone questions then, so they get away with it!. . You should be saying 'I am not too happy with the idea that my tax money goes to financing death and suffering of innocents in Syria'. . . Here's what tax money goes to.... . 1. Military leaked a video on wikileaks where they via drone kill innocent women and children. And the guy operating the drone laughs while he shoots the thing, into a van.. . Civilian casualties only without any weapons.. . It was made into a game for him.. . Of course it all feels like a game when you sit 5000km a part, and operate the thing like a videogame.. . . That's the danger.. It feels not real.

5:33 - 27/12/17

5:33 - 27/12/17

12:37 - 26/12/17
Holy shit,lose myself everytime I hear that gospel music. . Didn't know what was. . Then it was due to heari that music,it is so heart focused it seems. . Compared to all other music. . So it feels like deth. Like dying.. . Most music feeds your self, not thig one. Nop. It feels like deth.. . It is intense.... death leaves you clinging on, to avoid death.. . It's that feeling... of..death.. . It leaves you only feeling good if you did charity each day.. . Else deth, very unpleasant ;-)

12:11 - 24/12/17
Nigerian Gospel Tv

12:10 - 24/12/17
Https:// . Well people we can never get too much of God. Merry christmas.

8:46 - 21/12/17

8:46 - 21/12/17

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