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14:32 - 13/08
Maybe you can tell me?

you may say I am you

but who are you then?

14:32 - 13/08
Maybe you can tell me?

you may say I am you

but who are you then?

14:30 - 13/08
Still not sure... but i hope to find out one day..

14:30 - 13/08
Still not sure... but i hope to find out one day..

13:58 - 12/08
Uh.. who am I?

13:58 - 12/08
Uh.. who am I?

13:57 - 12/08
This 'me', wishes this me , a good day


so... now I am my me , in my body

and I wish your cranium a good day
or your whole being?

which part?

if consciousness is all

22:30 - 8/08
But even thou nothingness

may have reasons still

think bout that

all nothing

yet nothing with purpose other than nothing

only to become nothing, everything one day again

it's like nothing creates form

22:25 - 8/08
All the best too, Im not so good with words :P

to wish the best with words, first have to invent a self

you likely have too

it feels weird, having a self, wishing with words


i like getting lost in the absolute nothingness, for absolte no reasons

17:57 - 8/08
Haha, sounds like one i know

he calls himself "console king"

as his name, IRL .. lol

he got nothing but consoles

they can be very addictive, lol

Though nothing beats pc fps games yea

He is still convinced he can beat me in Quake III arena with a dreamcast controller, he says its the best

but i bet not ;)

so u just found lithium randomly one day
from console world

that sounds strange

it's usually console people keep playing more console games mostly. At least those I know, they don't play pc games for long so often

I like tombraider too, and lots of consolegames, bit of a freak there too :P
It's hard to chose console... I hope maybe to get a real supernintendo one day..
it has so many good games

the only trouble with time flying is so many consoles come out!!

which to chose??

Often the older were the best

So.. Zelda?

Maybe zelda 1 is hte best
better than zelda 2

maybe mario 1 is best
better than mario 2...

i bet...

and you need the earliest console released

what is the earliest one?
mame is very old...70's likely

I find the earlier the game, the better it often is

I mean, just look the donkey kong movie i sent you, people spend their whole life to beat that score

3:50 - 8/08
And of course...all the best...been a while :-)

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