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Must try games!!!

Command & Conquer Red alert - Best game ever!!

The Official Red Alert fanpage

This link will lead you to it. It carries an intro to this nostalgic game.

4 Engineer @ your base

There is only ONE downside..
It requires .NET 2.0

Thereby excluding people from these OS'es:
Windows 98
Windows 95
Windows ME
Windows 2000

And thus supports monopoly partially. Unfortunately it is the only online installer and online playerbase.

Their newest installer only works with .net 2.0. It is notoriously hard to get to work on older windowses. But not impossible. May take you 10 hours though.

Yes it is worth it!

Ra1 is the best game.

CRT monitors OoO

How many?

Well... 1,2,3 ?

It is hard to chose. 3 would be optimal.
But I might stick with one, easier to lan transport. :-)

I preer my samsung crt... 240hz in 640x480 !
But in fact any crt will do
If you just go low enough in res, all crts are good

Then all crts are gamer monitors.

It's just a question of gaming in low enough resolution

And all the progamers use 640 resolution in quake and unreal etc. (fps games)

It's because it makes you aim better

Less strain on graphics card
Faster redrawing
More accuracy
Faster hz (100+hz)
Faster input, you could tune that ps2 mouse to 240hz too... with overclocking tool for mouse for windows

It's just best, overall

Oh, why, oh why, did I sell my crt
I did, didn't I?
Nop... it stood on my balcony for like 4years, and when I tried to get it to work, it stank of cat pee (all those neighbor cats used it as a nest :(
And it almost exploded when I turned it on

Cat pee 1
Monitor 0

They really don't build them like they used to
Not even samsung

And my bro had this big expensive 22" designer crt monitor
it could do bnc cables, 1600x1200 in 120hz and all. Really high refresh and huge desktop space

It's likely the best monitor I've ever seen, tried

I don't remember who made it.

But if it can do 1600x1200 in 120hz, it gotta be good...
It also costed like $2000 from new... but he got it used for cheap

My wishlist.
Would love to game on such one, above all

Though if I cannot afford that, may stick to a noname brand 17"
All crts are good for gaming, same technology.
Bigger != better

It's just less strain on the eyes for desktop work, programming. It's clearly the best monitor I've ever looked at, tried

If only I could remember the brand.
One day if I ever get the space, will get such one. No, not the big 24" sonys with nasty trinitron technology with lines on them.
This designer crt my bro had.
Trinitron is a flawed technology.
But I'm pretty sure that monitor was flawless, it looked like perfect coding, gaming monitor.

And I usually don't say that.

I would not use a trinitron sony even if I got it for free I think
And they go up to $3000 from new... or more

But this one was just perfect. I would not trade it for any other monitor.
But I would like to find one like that one day, somehow.

Most monitors I find, tend to disappoint slightly...

Tfts... too slow, input delay
Crts... either too big, or too small... 14 inch vs 21 inch

But 22 inch seemed perfect

It was not good for lan though
Seems we cannot have it all ... not so easily

I must conclude that 17" crt is still best overall. For gaming.
And if you don't care about lan partys. Get a 22" model.

Above that is just too big I feel.



Behold people, now we will review the newest absolute favorite card for gaming of mine:

This is no ordinary card, it has lots of Deluxe features by asus, and supports high res gaming i opengl. The driver are the best out there. As is overclocking ability, very good driver options there by nvidia. Is nvidia still the best brand or just rumor? we'll take a look here... stay tuned... see below..

Heres an article and review of this card and why its the best you can find at this time for quake, unreal and other great fps games. Online games etc.

It has many input and outputs, and great overclocking capability

We even let you know how to change its cooler

At a RTP, retail price at $240 at launch it is not the lowest end, but not highest end either. It can be found for cheaper now that geforce 3's have come out. Yet it will overclock to stock GF 3 speeds. Which is why it is so recommended for gamers out there. The drivers by asus are some of the best out of most cards out there as well. Except maybe for ati, they do a big job on the driver overclocking possibilties part too.

But nvidia will work on linux too. Ati sucks big time on linux. It will just never work.

Asus v7700 is simply the best. Overall. Between many many cards. And it has the ios to match, plenty inputs and plenty outputs. Svga, composite and more. Connect your video or camcorder or what you want to it. Or output to that. It will make sure you don't run out of connectors. Deluxe version. More outputs than any graphics card out there.

Pic above is 64megs version, but save yourelf the bucks and get the 32mb version, no difference except more ram. Most games only need 16megs ram. The 64M version we found to be a waste of money.

Looking or more fps in quake? you just might have to give this card a shot. It comes in titanium version 500 too Ti 500 if 80 or 90fps is not enough :-)

Though we benchmarked in both unreal and found the Ti 200 would run Ureal and Quake in 1024 resolution with almost stable 90fps in the benchmark. This also requires a fairly fast cpu, however. Tested with a stock P4 3.0Ghz Northwood and 1GB ram.

Look on here Link to article

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