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2017-07-11 In the Q2DM7 baby

Q2S 11/17 0/0 q2dm7 130 / 0 tastyspleen.net::dm
0 frags 7ms WallFly[BZZZ]
18 frags 49ms Karpov
19 frags 217ms theendmyfriend
0 frags 260ms Ozzyburgers
5 frags 139ms L5c1s
0 frags 122ms vaacation
15 frags 48ms Readyup
14 frags 144ms J!N
2 frags 48ms 3346
4 frags 53ms AbAdd0n
0 frags 180ms Yotematoi

Tastyspleen going pretty great at this time. Ready for some slime map ? forgot its name

2017-07-04 Quake [files listing]

Quake-II, Trial version (version 3.14) download here
Point release for Quake II 3.20
mirc 6.35
Message editor pro b13.1 (make your own console logos in quake)
Teamspeak newest version
Quake 2 in Cooperative play mode.. Version 3.14
Quake 2 singleplayer coop

Download the updated Quake II- starter pack here!

2017-07-03 Matrix Fun

Would you take the red pill in your dreams.

If someone offered it to you

Must be weird waking up of your dream, only to realize you're in another dream.

I also heard mirrors work strangely in dreams..

What do you think you see if you stare into a mirror, in a lucid dream?


2017-06-27 The joy of irc

Irc, maybe the most refined protocol on the net. Everything may break, but irc won't due to its redundancy. It has like 9 redundant servers each network. Meaning 9 servers would have to fail all at once around the world, for your chat to go down.

Oh, and it is textonly, what's not to like?

Guru meditation?

An Introduction To Irc a Chat protocol of the 90s, Not forgotten, Just More Precious

I kid you not, this chat protocol is more stable than your isp itself

Your isp only has 2 core routers...

This is the most genious tech-savy (for techies out there) protocol I've ever seen... supporting file sharing, texting /instant messaging. And it's just plain fun to chat of course. Game networks exist aplenty: quake rooms, doom,heretic, or how about your local country,, i.e. #greece ? to talk with fellow people your country. Many people meet through irc.

Its has all the deep web underground placez, with questionable content like movies, music, anonstuff hacker stuff. You can download files/send files and stuffz on the dark undernet.

Many hackers on there, sharing all from legal to highly illegal contents. Illegal that some share are Botnets, Hacking+Nuking programs, DDosses for payment, Creditcards, Hitmen, Swatting (sending swat teams to people's houses ... the new trend)

Don't tell me they're not crazy on irc..

Some guy annoyed a 10 year old kid, and in response the kid sent a swat team to his house. Poorly adjusted kid? ... he called feds on the ip of the dude he was angry at, and asked them to come to his house, there was a perpetrator there he said.

All from most evil lies, to most good goodness is to be found on irc.

Be careful who you trade with. Don't trade with trolls, or evil people. Now you know.

Don't piss off random people there, unless for fun, and then don't do it too much. They might nuke you, ddoss you, hack you, expoit you... and take all pics,files from your pc,facebook.

That's what hackers do. Then they sell your info online.

Don't annoy the evil blackhat hackers in there. But most are nice people. Chances are if you behave, you survive.

If you got good stuffz you will be given ACCESS to 10 bbb ftps , and even 100 or 1000mbit ftp servers.

This requires having lots of stuff to share. Like movies and shitez.

Some download movies over dcc transfer on the undernet. If they got friends/some to share with there. There are dedicated channels for this on undernet for file sharing. Both legal and illegal.

Of course I can only recommend the legal here. But I feel the article should cover all.
The most dubious douchebags are on irc, all from drug pushers, to angry vengeance people , to good kind people.

Just like in the real world. Be careful who you make friends with. Don't share your personal info to people you don't know.

It is a good idea to give out ASL, (Age Sex Location) to people you are talking to, a gentle gesture to do normally online. i.e. M/29/France if you are male and 29 years old, from france.

Lastly, of course one could make his own Channel too!. And have friends join.

How bout #undertaker ? , on undernet , oh... sounds under the belt eh?

A plain text chat, finally.
We missed ya..

Since the 3.11 days.... oh yea. And prior too. It supports unix.

If you are looking for old movies, old games, that are no longer being sold and as such abandonware, you may be lucky on irc. I.e. to find windows 95 as Iso. I won't encourage pirating, but it is good for that. Try before you buy.
I would recommend you to buy if you download anything.

It is joyful to get access to a 10mbit bredbaandsbolaget ftp server, and be able to download like 1TB of stuffz, for free!!

You may have to navigate through many dubious people, to get there. But once you have it, oh man.

It's like a Gibson. The ultimate.

Those 10MB BBB are damn sexy. You realize you could pull like 200GB in a day there right?

Any thing you want
Any thing you need

Right now

And typically they got all popular movies, like xfiles, buffy , or what ever they got.

I kid you not, a 10Mbit ftp server, is gold.
You could trade it for gold.
It may have all you need, all software, photoshop, movies etc.

Of course only in Trial Versions hihi !!;-) *knock knock under table;*

Here's some vodal trance in da mix:
Vocal Trance s252452 mix listen radio

Irc dcc transfer... Beginner to trading filez online

the most innocent-dcc Xfer ever!!

2017-06-09 Nerdy time


The nerd joke...

Source cartoon retrieved from xkcd.com, the science and geeky temperament comics

2017-05-15 Quake 2 like in 1998

Quake II like was it 1998 ? - Msn zone? do you remember? or how about cardassia lithium server?

What bout Red Alert (Command & Conquer)?, best game ever right?

Red Alert 1 - In Online Play via Cncnet 5 Installer, Online Servers

Tomb raider,, rise of the tomb raider pc gameplay

Dungeonz keeperz... nah was my bros game, I was more a postal fan and stuff, nothin like peeing on things and igniting them, speaks to something in me...

Though.. it never came close to the raw-action of QUAKE III ARENA

That game was so great...it gotta be in every gamers collection

You would think a successor to Quake 2 couldn't possibly be better. But you'd be wrong. Quake III has both improved ping response and high res graphics.

It is a good secondary game next to Q2. The many cool mods for Q3 makes it fun to play. Rocket arena , with thin shaft and ?:P
Or thick shaft... what ever people prefer, some use that too

Shafting all the time

It does require you to be lpb if you want to be good with teh shaftz. What do you do? shaft for a living

That's how you now a pro.

** See the Nostalgia Games Thread Here **

2017-05-11 Msn gaming zone - A revisit from 2000

Msn Zone.. and quake 2

For online gaming Msn Gaming Zone has quickly become the most popular place to go to. But is it as good as people say?, newest homepage from microsoft. We'll take a look here.

Here you can find opponents from all over the world in games such as Quake and Moto Cross Madness. The Msn Zone service resides in the US. To use it, you join their game-lobby and wait for an opponent. It is recommended to have at least a 56k connection to play smoothly.

This is especially the case for fast paced games such as quake, that require faster connections. If you want to play across the world , even a T-1 connection might be required for low latency.

Be patient, usually within half an hour to an hour, an opponent will join and you can play singleplayer maps online against him/her and host your own server that others can join. Base1 i.e.

Playing there was very fun. Nothing comes close to the pure action fun of quake-II.

It sure is one of our favorite games.

Many games are played in the game lobby/Msn zone, here is another favorite of many... Motocross madness..
Msn gaming zone: Motorcross Madness (1998) and QUAKE

Screenshots - Msn gaming zone

Here's pictures from online play on the Zone... from Hotmail services at microsoft.com

the Official url is http://zone.msn.com

go there and find a chatroom and game room, many games can be played, all from age empires to quake 2 and motocross madness.

you will need a fast connection in many cases,but slower paced games can be played just fine like strategy games

Msn zone - Msn gaming zone Image 1

Msn zone - Msn gaming zone Image 4

Yes for some reason we were unable to play on msn gaming zone using netscape, only internet explorer will work, and win95.

So be sure you got that if you want to play there.

The game room only supports that browser as of now.

We were fond of the trial version of Quake II and are sure you will be too. Their game rooms are almost filled up!

You can get the trial version of Quake-2 here, find it at Idsoftware's ftp server:

Latest is version 3.16 at this writing.

Note.. Beware.. This game requires a Voodoo/Banshee card to run properly at fast speeds, or a dedicated AGP graphics card with a minimum of 16Megs of memory.

The game can be run with less, in window mode, using software render, but don't count on high performance or many fps. Users of amd k6-2 may need a patch to run the game fluently, it works best on MMX processors like Intel Pentium III(r). AMD's platform has trouble keeping up, it doesn't have a Fpu or such, so it is terribly slow. Via, Amd chipsets won't work good here. Duron not too well either but it will run pretty good. What you might need here is an Athlon baby.

Here's the dialup screen, we found servers via idsoftware's masterserver as well as msn gaming zone. But most on the zone! It was a heated fight.

Dial-up in 95. Remember to hangup or you/your parents may not like it. Phone taxes are expensive. We have heard of people getting $5000 phone bills due to this. So not trying to scare ya.

Tested with:
Intel Pentium III(r) Processor
256Megs Ram
AGP card linked to Vodoo/Banshee pci card

This seems to run it smoothly in singeplayer. No noticeable lag.

OS/ windows 95 w. directX 7.0

It will work great if you got a vodoo card. But else it will run pretty slowly. It is simply the newest flagship by idsoftware. Requires a pretty new pc, or a newer graphics card.

The textures on vodoo card look much smoother and prettier. Higher quality than default. You will like it. Defiitely worth the extra bucks.

3dfx is worth it people!

Graphics looks much better on Voodoo.

In Category.
Trial version of Quake II
Quake-II point release 3.16
Online games
Msn zone headquarters
Microsoft gaming
Quake II online servers
Playing Quake online
Msn zone games
A review of Msn zone
Quake II trial 3.14
Quake II on the zone

2017-05-07 Nothing, or everything?

So I hope you're enjoying the server people

Greetings to those still visiting !:)

Quake 2 rox like never before. But not just q2... Lithium,oh yeah

While you're here... why not take a look at slackware linux.


Its my fav by far since 1997!, it rox

sry windows.. no more?:)

this baby

partition those sexy partitions uh yea

it is best to use ext2 , unless you want a journalling filesystem

only one downside, if power goes, you lose some files

you will lose all changes not saved

ext2 used to be enough, the newer versions are not better of ext filesystem.
perhaps I might try out reiserfs, also a very powerful filesystem

it is using atomic transactions for performance, many times faster than windows filesystem

unfortunately the criminal case against Hans Reiser is not exactly helping its case. And I just cannot get myself to use it now. It is pure evil.

stick to what works
and I will be going ext2/3 on next reinstall.

I just cannot get myself to use evil filesystems..

Even if it is so and so good...

Like they all say..

Would always be thinking about it....

But it makes an interesting case... if murderers can write filesystems, do you think they do it for our alls interest?
Maybe much code, much music today is evil, to imprison humans. To control us. Andlure us in with pretty code, pretty surfaces.

I believe metallica is evil. Their lyrics are satanic... meaning they degrade the soul.
There is no upliftment in their lyrics. Only death, and that death wins.

As such their music can destroy

Just like using the wrong software on our pc can. I'm not using youtube/facebook/twitter etc. if I can avoid. These are illuminati intenventions.

See the real problem is, it is hard to avoid evil software.

Where would I be this world, if I chose not to use google,youtube,facebook ?

When 95% of people use it?, daily?

If we want to avoid evil, we gotta swim against the current.
These mentioned services are all very evil, I can assure you.
They may take a shiny exterior to lure you in. But as soon as you are in, they imprison you. Google stands for 90% of the internets advertising, banners in your face, pacman on your homepage, autocompletion of what they think you type, commercials on every youtube video putting subliminals into your soul, facistic autoplay to next vid by default (making sure you go insane if you use their services) and more.

Advertising is bad, and it is an easy way to be lured in, in our soul

The promise of money!

Oh.. who hasn't fallen for this trap

We may get $20 a month, to intrude on others free will (a karmic sin).

Still gonna advertise?

Only putting subliminals into other people's souls.
That may destroy their life.

Google encourages it.

Sources and References..:

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