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2017-07-22 A new Lithium video by one of our regular players

One of our regular lithium players, [tg1]lucky has recently made a few videos of the server and free for all, deathmatch in action.

Check it out people!

Quake 2 Video - Deathmatch & Free For All: Lithium Mod @ q2.rlogin.dk

Very good quality.

Keep em coming!:)

Now we can all see just why Quake II is the greatest. Just cant own a noob pro style with railgun in any other game!. Or with chaingun 247. In fact that used to be my nick in older days. I would only use chaingun and vampire rune, and be pro with it. Mooo sound all the time. Sucking up life prana, uh yeah. Feel good baby.


I hope you will all take the time to register an account while you're here at clanworld. This way we can get a regular player base of people who are active playing quake 2 lithium.

Only the best mod. Only the best community.

It will be easy to contact each other this way, and see who is online.

No other page offers this for lithium and battleground players really. There are only some focused on battleground primarily.

But I want lithium. Only lithium is good.
Battleground 1.38 can be ok too. Loved that back in days still do.

It's just not the same as lithium in long run.

Lithium has so great Free for all mode/deathmatch in FFA.
The highscores add something unique not seen in other mods, and the red hook.
Also custom skins, that few servers carry out.

So please register if you are visting this page.
You can register your nick to the left in the menu!

Thank you all for visiting and playing.
=3x=Di3h4rd over n out

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