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2018-05-21 Pigeon Shooting Lawyer Commits Assault


Pigeon Shooting Lawyer Commits Assault

I don't know bout you people, but if I were me, I'd unplug the f. out of this insane world.

There is no hope for the world.

The bible says this, love not the world, worldly things.

Love from within.

Why can it be that we all need an "Escape"? Could it be the constant toxins they dump on us. The toxins everywhere we are exposed to that give people Cancer, Autism via vaccines or Death?

Here the escape is just killing Innocent PIGEONS

Something very wrong is up with this world. It is more normal to be depressed or sick, than not.

This is not normal people. Many cultures hardly have any sickness at all.

Many cultures know not Cancer.

Could it be our state giving it to us?
To make us sick, buy Pharmaceuticals, go to Doctors?

Good for Big Pharma?

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