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Workbench on Amiga?

Most people know the amiga or heard about it. Well it was , used to be the best, of the best. Of commodore of course. Commodore was like the skynet of its time, it ruled hard, it gave the machines life!

And then came AMIGA

It was even better. How s that even possible?

Here it is... finally!

so... I decided to install Amiga Workbench and Mortal Kombat the game (MK II). Version 2 of this game is best. In fact better than any other platform it is ported to. Even better than arcade!

You cannot beat the amiga goodness. And the sound. Wau

Good old Commodore, but amiga owns harder. The sound is awesome.
It has been rumored lately that a new producer is starting mass production of C64s again now, I just read.
Let's just hope the same happens to the Amiga A1200 too.

the Commodore A1200 pictures here!!:
click here

Check out.. workbech is working in Winuae...
Almost as good as the real thing.... lightning fast, better than windows? It sure is...

thought but hooking up my printer... but unfortunately haven't got a matrix printer. Only got a HP laser jet.

Not sure it would work. It may print too fast for the amiga OS.

Where is that damn time machine ..when one needs it?

Amiga 1200 kickstart

Mortal kombat 2 on A1200

Heres how I got Mortalkombat running not long ago..

It may be aging, but it is still the best amiga game. MK 2 to be exact. Mortal Kombat II comes on 4 floppies, and need a lot of disk work swapping I found out ingame, but it is the best mortal kombat of on any console.

The mk2 for amiga is something special, very good sounds, fatalities etc, and graphics.

It is even better than on arcade, or just as good. Try it out people.
All other consoles go home!. Mk II on amiga!

It is basically just a ripoff of the amiga on any other console. The best version released is the amiga version people. Nintendo cannot come close, and the sound/music and anims there are foolhardy at best. Nothing compared to on the amiga.

Running amiga games on a usb stick...

Now most of you may not have an amiga these days, and may be wondering how to play these old games still. Well that's easy thanks to Winuae which works on both windows and linux too.

I started by putting winuae on an USB stick by downloading the portable usb drive version of winuae which can run from usb medium. Now you can play your favorite amiga games anywhere once they have been set up, they now work with only 1 click, even have a real amiga icon in windows explorer!. How cult is it not?

North & South
Oswald (Det var �????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¦rgeligt vi pr�????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¸ver igen!:D)

and more old games...

Amiga and Winuae on USB stick

Amiga 1200 and 500 goodness.

What is the best 500 or 1200 game you think?

So many good ones...

Flight of the amazon queen, spent months with that.
Red baron / Stuntcar (over nullmodem!!!)

Oswald. a 1989 danish amiga 500 game "det var �????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¦rgeligt vi pr�????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¸ver igen!".. strange but fun game

Some amiga pictures..

Amiga 500/games with many diskettes picture. Floppy/Floppies. Many games.

beats the vibes of a good old amiga... Commodore heaven!
So good times :)

I used to have 2 or 3 floppy drives.... 2x 720kb floppies, so now I could play mortal kombat ii without changing disks very often.

Commodore used to be a time portal to the future. Nothing could match its greatness.
Basic was so elegant, it could do anything

And many still prefer basic to this day. I know I would use it if I still had the choice. But I use it once in a while. Basic will always live on in my heart.

It's the most fun programming language.

And it was on te c64 and amiga.. that makes it great!

The amiga legacy goes on..

Sensible soccer is still one of my fav games to play on Lan.

It is still played worldwide.

SWOS 96, best soccer game ever made. Check out menu to left to see our review of it with screenshots and all.

Amiga 1200s can be found on ebay in good condition sometimes, but be aware of the many scammers out there. Always check machine before buying, show up personally.

Amiga 500, 600 and 1200... so hard to chose, almost equally good.

Or what about an Amiga cd 32?

Cdroms... the newest new... it can do cdroms!

Gotta have an amiga to be able to play Cannon fodder, Syndicate and all the other awesome games with awesome music, just want to own an amiga just for the music itself, it's that good.

You got some epic amiga memories, or games?

Remember ports of call, lost vikings ?

Here's what I have learned on emulating the Amiga 1200

Simply this............... Get a CRT tv, As scanlines look the best. Winuae can run most of all games like the real amiga can. It may even look just like the real thing. But not feel so. In some simple way. But still annoying way. If you think a1200 is too expenive, get 500 one, can do the same. Much better than any emulator. Real thing man.

But you need a good display. A Tft monitor will not do. Neither for a real amiga.

Crt is by far best..

If you use tft/flatscreen monitor you should go for one in size 14-20" max.

I find that a 14" is perfect size for old amiga games, workbench, and even games such as dos games etc., red alert etc.

They look good on small screens.

So do yourself a favour, buy a real Crt tv. I got a 26" crt tv for playing amiga games, xbox games on. I only use my xbox for emulator games, nes, amiga etc.

CRT tvs have scanlines which the new flatscreen tvs don't. So the games look really good, just like they are supposed to!

Another lesson learned is getting usb controllers to work with xbox is not easy. Same for PC. I got a nes usb stick I wanted to use for mortal kombat on amiga.

But it is not easy to set up each button, annoying.

The only real way to get the amiga 1200 experience is to.... buy.. An amiga!

Guessed right!

They come with real joysticks, quality joystick that are a pleasure to use.
They never die. They just work. 1 button joysticks, or 2 buttons if you are lucky on some amigas.

Amiga 1200 ROXED
Amiga 1200 ROXED

But as all Amiga gurus know...

Amiga 500 or 600 are just as good as an A1200, they can run all the same games in 95% of cases.

Very rarely is there a game that only works on Amiga 1200. The amiga 500 can run kickstart 3.1 too sometimes.

It means that you can get an amiga very cheaply, people only want to buy Amiga 1200's often, so it has reached impossible to buy prices.

Yet amiga 500's are dead cheap.

The 500s have a weakness with floppy drives that may fail, be sure you check that out before buying.
But that's about it. Else they will run all the games you love and remember.

One day, it may be a 500 I will buy, and then North & South, Syndicate, Cannon fodder etc on it. All the good games.
It's so hard to chose, so many great games for the amiga... Lost baron, Stunt car racer.

What is the greatest amiga game of all time you know?

It may be flight of the amazon queen for me, that game was better than anything a PC could do. I would have to say that Killing Grounds game was up there too, amazing graphics and gameplay. Full 3d.

Lost vikings is a very popular 2d platform game with no like to it invented yet for the amiga. Pure genious maps, and excellent graphics, sound make this a winner.

Workbench in newest version 1.2 on the amiga

The games were never to be beaten
On good old amiga.. So many good games!


1. Amiga gamers look here!
If you are an amiga hardhead, then you will love this game below, and best of all, it's free...

Download quake ii now here....

Download quake 2 - link to direct download

Download Quake 2 here now - Clanworld Quake 2 page

Our favorite PC game by far

People raid in dark quake dungeons in the middle of the night for the quad damage. You can make your own player skin too. It has many Rpg elements in it this game.

The perfect game, and only game you need.

2. If you like classic arcade games, then look here as well....

A cool nostalgic game video:

see that one
some random guy beat the World highscore on Donkey Kong (for 25yrs)

so next day 2 people showed up at his garage splitting his machine apart

trying to debunk him..

Refs.., lost vikings info and screenshots , text, images, lost vikings amiga game

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