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Msn Zone.. and quake 2

For online gaming Msn Gaming Zone has quickly become the most popular place to go to. But is it as good as people say?, newest homepage from microsoft. We'll take a look here.

Here you can find opponents from all over the world in games such as Quake and Moto Cross Madness. The Msn Zone service resides in the US. To use it, you join their game-lobby and wait for an opponent. It is recommended to have at least a 56k connection to play smoothly.

This is especially the case for fast paced games such as quake, that require faster connections. If you want to play across the world , even a T-1 connection might be required for low latency.

Be patient, usually within half an hour to an hour, an opponent will join and you can play singleplayer maps online against him/her and host your own server that others can join. Base1 i.e.

Playing there was very fun. Nothing comes close to the pure action fun of quake-II.

It sure is one of our favorite games.

Many games are played in the game lobby/Msn zone, here is another favorite of many... Motocross madness..
Msn gaming zone: Motorcross Madness (1998) and QUAKE

Screenshots - Msn gaming zone

Here's pictures from online play on the Zone... from Hotmail services at

the Official url is

go there and find a chatroom and game room, many games can be played, all from age empires to quake 2 and motocross madness.

you will need a fast connection in many cases,but slower paced games can be played just fine like strategy games

Msn zone - Msn gaming zone Image 1

Msn zone - Msn gaming zone Image 4

Yes for some reason we were unable to play on msn gaming zone using netscape, only internet explorer will work, and win95.

So be sure you got that if you want to play there.

The game room only supports that browser as of now.

We were fond of the trial version of Quake II and are sure you will be too. Their game rooms are almost filled up!

You can get the trial version of Quake-2 here, find it at Idsoftware's ftp server:

Latest is version 3.16 at this writing.

Note.. Beware.. This game requires a Voodoo/Banshee card to run properly at fast speeds, or a dedicated AGP graphics card with a minimum of 16Megs of memory.

The game can be run with less, in window mode, using software render, but don't count on high performance or many fps. Users of amd k6-2 may need a patch to run the game fluently, it works best on MMX processors like Intel Pentium III(r). AMD's platform has trouble keeping up, it doesn't have a Fpu or such, so it is terribly slow. Via, Amd chipsets won't work good here. Duron not too well either but it will run pretty good. What you might need here is an Athlon baby.

Here's the dialup screen, we found servers via idsoftware's masterserver as well as msn gaming zone. But most on the zone! It was a heated fight.

Dial-up in 95. Remember to hangup or you/your parents may not like it. Phone taxes are expensive. We have heard of people getting $5000 phone bills due to this. So not trying to scare ya.

Tested with:
Intel Pentium III(r) Processor
256Megs Ram
AGP card linked to Vodoo/Banshee pci card

This seems to run it smoothly in singeplayer. No noticeable lag.

OS/ windows 95 w. directX 7.0

It will work great if you got a vodoo card. But else it will run pretty slowly. It is simply the newest flagship by idsoftware. Requires a pretty new pc, or a newer graphics card.

The textures on vodoo card look much smoother and prettier. Higher quality than default. You will like it. Defiitely worth the extra bucks.

3dfx is worth it people!

Graphics looks much better on Voodoo.

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