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Quake II like was it 1998 ? - Msn zone? do you remember? or how about cardassia lithium server?

What bout Red Alert (Command & Conquer)?, best game ever right?

Red Alert 1 - In Online Play via Cncnet 5 Installer, Online Servers

Tomb raider,, rise of the tomb raider pc gameplay

Dungeonz keeperz... nah was my bros game, I was more a postal fan and stuff, nothin like peeing on things and igniting them, speaks to something in me...

Though.. it never came close to the raw-action of QUAKE III ARENA

That game was so gotta be in every gamers collection

You would think a successor to Quake 2 couldn't possibly be better. But you'd be wrong. Quake III has both improved ping response and high res graphics.

It is a good secondary game next to Q2. The many cool mods for Q3 makes it fun to play. Rocket arena , with thin shaft and ?:P
Or thick shaft... what ever people prefer, some use that too

Shafting all the time

It does require you to be lpb if you want to be good with teh shaftz. What do you do? shaft for a living

That's how you now a pro.

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