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Irc, maybe the most refined protocol on the net. Everything may break, but irc won't due to its redundancy. It has like 9 redundant servers each network. Meaning 9 servers would have to fail all at once around the world, for your chat to go down.

Oh, and it is textonly, what's not to like?

Guru meditation?

An Introduction To Irc a Chat protocol of the 90s, Not forgotten, Just More Precious

I kid you not, this chat protocol is more stable than your isp itself

Your isp only has 2 core routers...

This is the most genious tech-savy (for techies out there) protocol I've ever seen... supporting file sharing, texting /instant messaging. And it's just plain fun to chat of course. Game networks exist aplenty: quake rooms, doom,heretic, or how about your local country,, i.e. #greece ? to talk with fellow people your country. Many people meet through irc.

Its has all the deep web underground placez, with questionable content like movies, music, anonstuff hacker stuff. You can download files/send files and stuffz on the dark undernet.

Many hackers on there, sharing all from legal to highly illegal contents. Illegal that some share are Botnets, Hacking+Nuking programs, DDosses for payment, Creditcards, Hitmen, Swatting (sending swat teams to people's houses ... the new trend)

Don't tell me they're not crazy on irc..

Some guy annoyed a 10 year old kid, and in response the kid sent a swat team to his house. Poorly adjusted kid? ... he called feds on the ip of the dude he was angry at, and asked them to come to his house, there was a perpetrator there he said.

All from most evil lies, to most good goodness is to be found on irc.

Be careful who you trade with. Don't trade with trolls, or evil people. Now you know.

Don't piss off random people there, unless for fun, and then don't do it too much. They might nuke you, ddoss you, hack you, expoit you... and take all pics,files from your pc,facebook.

That's what hackers do. Then they sell your info online.

Don't annoy the evil blackhat hackers in there. But most are nice people. Chances are if you behave, you survive.

If you got good stuffz you will be given ACCESS to 10 bbb ftps , and even 100 or 1000mbit ftp servers.

This requires having lots of stuff to share. Like movies and shitez.

Some download movies over dcc transfer on the undernet. If they got friends/some to share with there. There are dedicated channels for this on undernet for file sharing. Both legal and illegal.

Of course I can only recommend the legal here. But I feel the article should cover all.
The most dubious douchebags are on irc, all from drug pushers, to angry vengeance people , to good kind people.

Just like in the real world. Be careful who you make friends with. Don't share your personal info to people you don't know.

It is a good idea to give out ASL, (Age Sex Location) to people you are talking to, a gentle gesture to do normally online. i.e. M/29/France if you are male and 29 years old, from france.

Lastly, of course one could make his own Channel too!. And have friends join.

How bout #undertaker ? , on undernet , oh... sounds under the belt eh?

A plain text chat, finally.
We missed ya..

Since the 3.11 days.... oh yea. And prior too. It supports unix.

If you are looking for old movies, old games, that are no longer being sold and as such abandonware, you may be lucky on irc. I.e. to find windows 95 as Iso. I won't encourage pirating, but it is good for that. Try before you buy.
I would recommend you to buy if you download anything.

It is joyful to get access to a 10mbit bredbaandsbolaget ftp server, and be able to download like 1TB of stuffz, for free!!

You may have to navigate through many dubious people, to get there. But once you have it, oh man.

It's like a Gibson. The ultimate.

Those 10MB BBB are damn sexy. You realize you could pull like 200GB in a day there right?

Any thing you want
Any thing you need

Right now

And typically they got all popular movies, like xfiles, buffy , or what ever they got.

I kid you not, a 10Mbit ftp server, is gold.
You could trade it for gold.
It may have all you need, all software, photoshop, movies etc.

Of course only in Trial Versions hihi !!;-) *knock knock under table;*

Here's some vodal trance in da mix:
Vocal Trance s252452 mix listen radio

Irc dcc transfer... Beginner to trading filez online

the most innocent-dcc Xfer ever!!

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