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So here's how I prepare my shiny new Saphire X1950Pro for Quake.. Watercool it!!

This is not a cheap card at $400 retail, unfortunately my first one burned out due to water leak into the socket. So had to buy a used one. Got one for only $50 used that works.

This graphics card can run even doom 3 in high res graphics. Very powerful graphics card. You cannot get anything better for an agp socket.

Then you will have to upgrade to pci express. But who likes that?

I like to keep my machine the way it is supposed to be. Agp, like in the old days.

Chosing to upgrade to pci express would be one major overhaul.
Not ready to pimp my ride that much atm.

this is what i prefer for quake..

but i dont use it yet
BNC plugs
perfect color
perfect color separation
crystal smooth images baby
and perfect black, better than on a tft

homebuilt pc no #1

o watercooling, but has the scsi disks... 2x10k rpm , sound like a Sawmill

samsung 21" crt, 2048x1536 it goes up to

you can be my friend if you help me carry it to lanparty :))

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