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Geforce 3 is to this day one of the best quake graphics cards next to Voodoo/Banshee, and not just GF3. Titanium version. Ti200 or Ti500 have hit the the market. The cooling solution is the best of any card out there, I have trouble hearing it at all. You will not hear a Geforce 3 in running. Many gamers likes a silent gamerpc, and here is a good card. A geforce 4 sounds like a windmill in comparison.

For many reasons I would only recommend to upgrade to a GF3. Geforce 4 is out on the market but it is in many ways still a Geforce3.

In fact an overclocked geforce3.

It is not much faster and a stock GF3 with a good cooling solution on you can overclock to GF4 speeds.

A GF3 performs very well with overclocking, and is known as the overclock card in overclocking circles, as is the ti200 geforce 2 series. In general geforce cards overclock well with little risk. Often safer overclockers than ati many say. Less risk of fire accident for sure. Remember, amd owns ati. Amd cpus burn out the socket. No thermal control. Same with ati graphics cards we think we heard.

Use the early geforce cards, a good buy for the money, and great overclockers. A geforce256 performs very well, but a bit on the slow end. A gf2 ti200 is enough for most quake gamers. But a Gf3 is a very fast card, that overclocks well. It all depends on what you like.

We like stable fps in quake, and there a ti200 gf2 is minium normally. But those asus geforce256's are very nice too. Many inputs,outputs, video record cards.

For OCing there exists many solutions, such are popular the Golden orb and Blue orb. Depending how much space you got in your cabinet

They look really cool and they keep your Geforce 3 flying ahead at max speeds.

With such one it is possible to reach pretty high speeds on the core. You still need heatsinks on mem to overclock them too

Rivatuner is often used program for overclocking, but there are others.
It is good idea to benchmark in a benchmarking program to assure your card is really stable after ocing.

A golden orb for the geforce series of graphics cards..

Why geforce 3?
Supports up to directx 9
Supports all the good games you remember
Is not slow. Running quake in high res is fully possible. Even Quake III arena should you want to try that out for a clanfight.

GF3 supports quake 2 in 1600x1200 no trouble. Big maps etc.

It will run it smoothly, with just enough fps.

Why upgrade to more then?
I cant see the reason either.

This game will also run need for speed hot pursuit, a real cool game.

But change your cooler on it to a blue orb, is recommended.
Costs only $30 extra or so. And it adds style to your Lan pc.

Will get you many envying eyes at lan party ;)

Unless they got 3x PCIE in SLI, lol.

Anyway GF3 is the shit. It's just the best. Overall.
Can't be beaten. Not on price at least.

Drivers are bliss. It just works!
You wont find easier card to install.
And it supports all Nvidia stuff.

It supports overclocking too, which ati doesn't usually in their drivers.

So. just what are The top cards of today?

1. Radeon 9700 pro
2. Radeon 9800... very fast
3. Geforce 3 Ti 500
4. Geforce 2 Ti 200 (low end, but great overclocker)
5. Geforce2Mx (worst you can get... real bad)

And a watercooled Radeon 9700 to end this one :-))

I recommend watercooling if you like to mod. But else a GF2 is a very silent card in operation that I can totally recommend.

Watercooling will let you overclock a lot (expect 20% speed gain easily, and up to 50% with vcore/vdimm mod), and give zero noise. Many cards are very noisy today. But zero noise with watercooling. Won't even be able to hear your pc.

If you go watercooling, it is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby the pc, since water and pcs dont mix. You been warned. If you watercool, know what you do, and test outside the pc first for leaks. You don't want water into 230V socket or pc components.

Thermochill 120.3b

got such one. Its the ultimate for overclocking

It keeps my Pentium 4 running without fans on!!!

So no sound...

Its the ultimate radiator for watercooling

If you dont care how much noise, you can do with a single radiator for watercooling, but you won't be able to overclock much..

This one keeps my P4 3Ghz NW @ 4.0Ghz , and @3.8 stable

And thats with default stepping cpu...

IMagine what it could do with a powerful stepping cpu...

A special version cpu... for overclocking..

Read more about extreme overclocking with this radiator here..

It runs superpi in no time at all, and seti, 3dmark2001
also benches well in sisoft sandra..

1M digits in no time at all,, of pi. World record is 4 secs as of 2017...

But it will do it in about 25 secs or so I think it was
Pretty fast, to calculate 1million digits of pi.

Source images...

Overclocking articles


Nvidia Geforce 2 Overclocking - How does it perform?
... An "Over The Top Overclocker" they say

Thermochill 120.3b overclocking potential, watercooling article

Is your cpu lightning fast, or unstable, find out now
This program will test if your cpu is stable or unstable..
Unstable cpu gives unstable pc

Superpi download link. Benchmark your processor's speed today

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