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Im tired of youtube watching

Time to get that 10TB warez filesharing machine going?

Maybe with kazaa,limewire,edonkey ... or better Dc++ (Direct connect people, name needed not be introduced?)

Its the only way to pirate

Screw torrents

Pirates like direct connect

It owns o so hard

No other place can you just leech 150GB, a whole harddisk ,off someone from BBB

BBB= bredbaands bolaget, 100mbit fiber connections

Why not pirate?

Youtube is basically pirating, you dont pay to watch there

I see nothing wrong pirating, people urging us not to pirate are evil people

Pirate more people!

Until you got only 1 eye and 1 leg left, and then sum morez


Harrrh.. bad cough

Information must stay free!

Illegalizing information is the real criminality

If you like something, then go on, buy it
But real pirates rarely buy

I can not advice you there.

When is it adviceable to buy?
sometimes the thing can not be bought anymore... == it must be free
sometimes the thing urges monopoly and is bad... == it should be free
sometimes the thing breaks your freedom .. = they should pay you money to use it

I have faith you can all use your own logic when to pirate
Im not your dad and all

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