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3dfx supported by idsoftware(r) games: quake II and quake (tm), as well as unreal demo

3dfx is life?

no other way to go

it will give more spanking fps for the bucks

and more frags per frame

even the noobs bow easier

and the blood looks smoother

get that quake 2 3.14 demo now off idsoftware's ftp, and maybe unreal too. Both seemingly support 3dfx

head over to the Zone

its the hotspot for quake 2 fraggers and clanrecruiters

unless someone has made a replacement yet?

Fire up that quake II while you're at it. Check out the sweet fps in timedemo baby
Its too good to be true. An a**whopping 52fps!

Never knew that pentium 3 could be so smoooth and so awesome baby

And with ping 150 you can get a good railgun kill too! if youre lucky

Msn gaming zone? a little too late? or the newest new of QUAKE?

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