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This is how you do watercooling people

You can either buy a big mofo radiator, dual or tripple with 12mm fittings, or 10mm,or you can go to a car scrapyard and find a scooter radiator,or car radiator, heck some even use normal wall radiators o_o - but these are not optimal,they need a lot of water and are quite power hungry for a pump, a lot of restriction to the flow

Scooter radiators are optimal due to their small size, and your scrapyard dealer will be glad to get rid of it, and you get what you need for little bucks, so double up on that. You may need some processing of it to use it, cleanse it inside so it doesn't corrode, you will also need anti corrosive in your liquid to prevent damage to waterhead and radiator when used, as different metals corrode with each other, basic science principle.

Don't combine aluminium cooler heads with copper radiator.

But if you use anticorrosive and same type metals in radiator, cooling head,you should be ok.

Go for copper radiator, copper head, is best. Better heat transfer than aluminium. Meaning lower temps for your pc.

The Thermochill 1203b .. the upper art of watercooling, best performance radiator in existance for pcs and watercooling. This due to its many fins and it is copper big size, as well as clever engineering on this companys part. This one cannot be beat almost. Will keepyour pc on room temp easily, even when pc is overclocked.

So a good radiator is all you need for a start

And then of course a pump and a cooling head for GFX or CPU

All credits of this Image go to:

The end result can look something like this!:

(You can also do fish cooling, and compressor cooling even too if you are daring. Bong coolers also really popular in some communities)

I highly recommend bicycle elastics for harddrives, just go to your nearest tankstation, now you got elastics to mount several harddrives for like $5. And best of all, noiseless, it removes all noise!

All overclockers silence their harddrives, or watercool them too.

That's it
now time for cola, babes and fraggin! (in q2 of course)

Parts used:
Thermochill 120.3b Trippleradiator, black
Copper graphics head 12mm fittings
Tygon R3603 Tubing (this tubing rox ppl, its the best! there is)
3xPapst 120mm fans for radiator, lownoise
Eheim 1048 Aquarium pump
Copper Whitewater Pentium 4 waterhead, 12mm fitings

Optional parts:
RELAY to make pump turn on on powerbutton press so it doesnt run all the time

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