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Xbox owns pretty much, like hard

But only the first xboxes, you could software mod them due to a game bug, that would allow you to expliot the machine hardware, by injecting custom code in this game

Basically a buggy game would allow you to rewrite code on the machine/override microsofts proprietary software

But Amiga is the only true win

Amiga is always best. Xbox is fun and all. But it comes nowhere near the amiga greatness. I will be selling my xbox 1.0 with like 120gb hd+usbkeyboard and 3 controllers, so if anyone interested in buying, let me know. It has chip in it allowing custom software and movies etc.

I just want an amiga 500 or such, with floppies

It's so sexy

If I got to have a console, that be it

And the games are much better than any xbox's games.

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