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So I will be moving home very soon. But if all goes as should (7 9 13) Ill keep the server up running in the cloud still.

But it depends on a lot. My economy for once.

Out of money and basically about to end up on street of not careful now. Sick people cannot afford a home to live in, at least not in this capital.

But if lucky and all goes as it should, it will keep running.

This quake 2 portal is like a child to me, I will not just let it fall away.

Maybe I can find some cheaper and better hosting, who knows, might be possible, I think i do pay overprice quite a bit atm due to not having had the time to move all the files.

It's like $50 a month or so. But could likely get hosting for $15-20

Without any domains

But then domains on top

Well hopefully my econo my should get better soon, hard to say, will have to let this house/apartment go, since I cannot afford rent it seems.

It's an owned apartment.... but owned == not owned. Even things you own, you pay back over time.

So owe lots on my apartment, yet unable to pay back since sick.

No real other solution than to let it go

Even if in debt for life.
Well there we got one problem this world. Imprisonment systems of economic nature.

As students one doesn't think much about debt, or that one can become sick later on.

Just wanted a place to live, cheaply.

It was like $100k

So hard to pay back on sick pay lol.

Anyway if all goes well, and I hope so, the quake server should keep up running. Just had some little I needed to vent. Changing home is not easy, esp not out of necessity, when it is not something you chose yourself.

But sometimes it is needed.

What we want, and what we need is not necessarily the same.

What we need is often quite opposite to what we want.

What brings us joy, may be the opposite of what we want!

Think about that people

Never let economy drag you down. But of course always make wise decisions.
Sometimes we are out of options.

Many people in this world, let economy drag down their liffe for decades.
Not having the guts to move. Or a bad relationship.

Stuck in a dead-end job or dead-edn relationship

That is not living.

I would rather be poor rest of my life, than not live.

Thank you all for playing on the server and listening. God bless all of you

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