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We need to clean up our act people, and not worry about the Global Warming lie that science has put out. They use that lie for cloudseeding, polluting the environment/nature.

That lie is very important to them. It is used everywhere.

But we need to clean up our act with nature, not pollute everywhere.

Whether you live in capital regiion, or a small island named �?r�¸ like me now, there is thrash every few meters.

This plastic is eaten by the birds , the fish, and fill the landfills.

Then the farmers grow bread, potatoes in that plastic.

Plastic is carcinogenic, mutagenic, contains dangerous BPA and phalates, that cause birth defects in infants

You dont want to eat that

So I hope we can all start treating nature better

Noone wants to clean up another mans thrash!

Better not thrash

Because then we can have a beautiful Earth, globe

With pure skies
With pure naturre, green grass

They found BPA in 93% of newborn babies blood in USA per 2016 now. It causes birth defects, and changes our hormonal levels, so they worry we will become sterile within the next 20 years. It also makes males into females, and females into males. So we could start becoming females all soon , science thinks.

But the global warming is a myth

They use that lie to do dangerous cloud seeding. Pollute our Mother earth with heavy metals.

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