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People I have been fan of using both windows and linux for a while; I of course prefer Linux much overall, namely Gnu+Linux.

It provides me the much savoured freedom that I truly value.

The other ones can be good for gaming ,but I always feel like a lobbyist of Microsoft if I use them, or Apple for that matter (if I use OSx)

In end I only like what I can share with my neighbor, sharing freedom.

Thus I recommend you visit my friends, take a look at this wonderful page.

Caring is primary. It is a culture of Computer Hackers who founded this foundation of Free Software. First birthed by Hackers at MIT of Technology. They weren't satisfied with Unix's proprietary programs that didn't allow you to edit them/fix or add to them, you were locked in with unix, so they wrote their own Unix in a few weeks/months.

Hack the planet!

~ What is GNU programmed in, what is Linux programmed in? ~
It is C-code and assembly. But if you know C programming you come a long way.
It is very elegant and exact, but not without problems. That's why we need You. To come and fix the trouble, write better code, write more elegant programs that do More for Less (with less).


Unix 's tendency has always been Simplicity.

** While you're here take also a look at our other freedom and news articles at the bottom of the page here at clanworld.

Thank you for reading this.

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