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H e honors his mother
H e polishes his shoes, makes them white (honors cleanliness)
H e honors the beggar
H e honors god
H e lights up the pillars of the earth(1 Samnuel 2.8?)

King of pop you decide

Michael Jackson is a lightworker, too bad the dark forces got to him so he died
before time

He always been working for the light. He is on the light forces team.

As he was a powerful earth healer, he was just misportrayed by media, as always is the case. And some people like running with gossip, rumors.

Michael Jackson was an earth angel.

He did much good in the world. And his actions show it. I mean just look this video. It is clear who he works for. No doubt there.

As is the case wth kings, all their works will be kingly. So the producer will also be king. For such works god in the world, kings attract kings.

He will be aided to kingship.

As such all his music videos are a piece of art. Deep heart touching. Every one of them.

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