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Red Alert is now free, download it here below and play online!

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You can now as of 2016, play red alert online for free. The makers have released the game a few years back on their official homepage, as abandonware. Since then it has spawned a huge lobby of fans of command and conquer original series... pure epic games. Many players from all around the world compete and tank and tanya each other. A battlenet was developed recently, that is akin to for starcraft, just better! It works flawlessly. You must have this game in your collection. One of the best rts of all times.
200 players from all over the world, supports linux and windows, game lobby, just like for starcraft

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Who doesn't remember those lovely tesla coils?.. they also works on dogs! send your dogs ppl!!

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Download Red alert here link

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In-game lobby just like on Battlenet
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Build lots of War factories in red alert.... it is key to a fast win over your enemy. But don't be a tanker of course... thats gay. Respect your enemy if he says no rush for 4hours ok thx..?!?! right?:)
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Red Alert 1 is simply the best RTS out there, still is after many years. I bought Starcraft2, but red alert is much better, and ra1 is free.


If you like Red Alert and think its the best game ever in the universe like we do, then you might REALLY like Quake 2 also, the best game in the universe and my personal favorite since 1997. Yup... you can have two best games in the universe !!::D
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You can play quake 2 here for free: Quake 2 online installer download link

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Yes... Red alert is in my favorite pc games collection since 1994.
Here is my list of must have games for PC gaming online:
Red alert
Starcraft Broodwar
Quake 2
Quake 3 Rocket Arena 3
Doom 2
Duke Nukem 3D
CounterStrike 1.6
Quake 1
Blood 1

Wacky Wheels
The Incredible Machine
Olga (Danish). ALso called Miljøstrup!. A nostalgic highschool classicer!
Jazz Jackrabbit 3D
Lemmings for DOS
Kaptajn Kaper

My favorite PC games link - Click here to see screenshots!

If you want to be pro, you should download and practice these games. Also if you go to lan parties a lot. Best lan games ever with your friends.

As for gamebrowser, there is only one real browser... Gamespy. Running under Windows 98 of course to maximimze your gaming experience!

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