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Active community of Quake 2 Lithium players in 2017
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To join quakenet: set up as hostname, port as 6667, and enter your nickname in your irc client

Quakenet Chat

If you have mirc or another irc client installed, then tune into Quakenet port 6667, and channel #lithium where we reside in the dark hours.

This is our official ClanWorld quake II channel.

Oldtimers in there.

A good way to meet other quakers.

Faq: what is qnet? A: QuakeNet is an chat network and it is currently one of the biggest and largest irc chat network in the whole world. It allows gaming communities to unite and chat together before clan matches. You can register your own channel and have a bot in it to hold it. You can meet your clan members and also arrange pcws, and send files, voice chat (via external program). You can do any thing an instant messenger platform allows, plus more. Irc predates all instant chat platforms of this world.

It is especially popular for the Quake II series of games by John Carmack, and therefore the name QuakeNet. But also the earlier games such as doom, heretic, hexen, counterstrike and many more are to be found on quakenet.