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Quakenet Chat

Come and chat with all the other quakers!
Join us on QuakeNet IRC. Type /server and /join #lithium

2016-10-30: Get the Chat already preconfigured here? (already set up for you): click here

Download mIRC 6.14 here now!

Supported operating systems:
Windows 98, 2000 or beyond, also GNU/Linux (Linux only in Wine)

mIRC is a chat program used to chat with people all over the world. Quakenet is a chat network you can join to chat with other quake players if you use mIRC.

mIRC Icon: Quake 2 on Quakenet
   You can download newest versions of mirc here, for Windows 98, ME & 2000.

Irc server details / (This is what you must enter in server options)!!:  port 6667

After connecting type /join #lithium


Some more Channels:
#quake2, #euroq2l, #quake, #edl,,, #3x

Quakenet is not only for quake, but many online games
See a list of channels by typing: /list in mIRC, or /list *quake* for most quake channels

Euroq2l is the European quake channel , often making Quake2 tournaments.
They have a website too, located at click to visit euroq2l official site!
EDL is one of the most active Quake 2 Teamplay channels, still active in 2015. Join here to play with other quakers on selected servers.

To all the Quake-II clans on Quakenet

If you got your own clan, you can can make your own clan name, i.e. -2c-yournick , then your clan channel would be #2c on Quakenet.
To get a Q bot in your channel to moderate your channel you need to have at least 5 members and a homepage for your clan.
You could then request a bot to moderate the channel (Q) if you are lucky to have enough members in your clan to get a Q.

Else you have to idle/be online 24/7 so people don't steal your channel from you.

... and you'll never get voice. Voice is only handed out to certain people, when the admins have a good day.

Rule no 1. No voice beggers
Rule no 2. No ops beggers

If you hang in/idle long enough one of the admins may be nice to voice you. But don't count on it.

People also use Quakenet for regular chatting and other games than Quake. If you got a community you want to start, Quakenet is a good place, it is one of the largest IRC chat networks in the world.

Looking for other version of the mirc package? -- then take a look at, or what about here: Index of /games/idstuff/quake2/mirc

version 6.14 is the best version of mirc if you are wondering which version is the best.. It includes SSL support, is minimal and looks good in systray / with normal use.

There are some cool installers on the net that includes lots of scripts too, like Noscript, it makes your mirc client completely different, theme based, different styles etc.

Download all the bad stuff on irc

IRC didn't only become popular as a chat platform. It is now the preferred way for many people, to download files on the Undernet...

Here is what it looks like when you trade files with peeople. You can download almost anything.. Movies,games,music,pc files etc.

It works like an ftp server

You see all they share

Pretty cool, and you see 100 people in there you can share with.... /download from. They each got maybe 100 gigs of material (if lucky to find a good peer).

(Click to see larger image)

Links... - free website with ftp access, 50 megs space. - a free website for $0, always wanted your own home page, blog? then try out this one, our favorite for sure. Even supports PHP scripts. And has ftp access. Lots of space, at least 50MB.

FrogMan's guide to Iso - download bad stuff on efnet, via mirc